News from the frontier, 4/24/2007 (Star Trek XI, Star Wars 1977, superwhiners, etc)

We’ve got a lot of news to catch up on and not a lot of time, so on with the show.

From the “Didn’t we already know that?” department

Star Trek XI director JJ Abrams has finally confirmed that the film will include James T. Kirk. This has been rumored for over a year now. “James T. Kirk appears in the movie,” Abrams told Star Trek magazine. Now that we have that officially out of the way, the next question is just how many James T. Kirks will appear?

From the “He’s not already there?” department

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame & Museum in Seattle is inducting Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry into its ranks on June 16. An exhibit of Roddenberry and Trek memorabilia will become a part of the museum and a laser etched engraving of his likeness, with the other Hall of Fame members, will appear on a translucent wall of light.

Also being inducted this year are director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), author Gene Wolfe, and visual artist Ed Emshwiller. Star Wars creator George Lucas was among last year’s inductees. Check out the SF Hall of Fame online.

From the “I couldn’t think of a clever name for this department” department

Available in stores now is The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinzler. This new, seven-pound, book includes material originally assembled for an abandoned late 1970s book on the first Star Wars movie as well as newer interviews. I’ve only flipped through it so far, but it definitely looks comprehensive to say the least. The focus is exclusively on the original Star Wars, so it ties in perfectly with next month’s 30th anniversary.

Incidentally, I apparently wasn’t the only one to notice that voting on the Star Wars stamps has not exactly been lighting up the Web. The official site reports that the process has now been made “easier” in that you no longer have to click a link in an e-mail that arrives at your address to confirm your vote. This lack of e-mail confirmation will likely allow fanboys to bring the numbers up quite a bit, I would imagine.

As of last week, Yoda was apparently in the lead with Darth Vader in second. Though I would normally go with Yoda, I’d probably pull for Vader in this case simply because he appeared in the first Star Wars while Yoda did not.

From the “You can’t please anyone” department

Superman fans are apparently still whining about the 1978 audio on the Superman: The Movie replacement discs. A brief history of the related whining:

2001: Superman fans whine when Michael Thau updates the movie’s audio for the director’s cut DVD. His reasoning was to make the audio sound as good as possible for modern sound systems.

2006: Warner tries to placate the above fans by including the 1978 audio on the Superman: The Movie-Special Edition. Unfortunately, Warner forgets to actually include the audio and they wind up replacing the discs in a fairly quick manner. Some fans continued to whine that the audio wasn’t present on the replacement discs, mostly because they couldn’t figure out how to work their DVD players.

Now: Fans are whining that the 1978 audio does not sound as great on modern sound systems as they “remember” it from 1978.

At, Thau has responded to this hypocrisy. If my fellow Superman fans keep up their whining, they’ll run the risk of looking like Star Wars fans.

From the “Green with envy” department

Superman Homepage writer and comic reviewer Neal Bailey is living every Superman comic fan’s dream. He’s been employed by DC Comics. He’ll be writing fiction for their Smallville magazine.

The Superman Homepage is the premiere source for Superman information on the web, and he is one of their prime contributors. Congratulations to Neal!