REVIEW: “Action Comics” #847

Action Comics #847 (DC Comics, April 2007 cover date)
Dwayne McDuffie
Art (including cover): Renato Guedes

While Adam Kubert is busy trying to finish the art for part four of the Richard Donner/Geoff Johns “Last Son” storyline, DC takes the opportunity to deliver a self-contained storyline in this issue of Action. Is the issue worthwhile or just filler?

The first thing that strikes me is the cover. It has a lot of wow factor, featuring Superman in a classic pose. After three gray covers from Kubert in a row, it is nice to see a full-color cover with Renato Guedes’ art. The interior art is also terrific. Lots of bold color and realism.

I think there is something to be said for comic book stories that can be read in a single issue. I wouldn’t want all of them to be like that, but it makes for a nice change of pace every now and then. That’s exactly what “Intermezzo” offers, a breather of sorts from the fantastic but intense “Last Son.”

Months before the events of “Last Son,” Clark indulges a childhood fantasy of Jonathan Kent and takes him into space aboard a small starship from the Fortress of Solitude. Jonathan looks more and more like John Schneider, while the Fortress looks more and more like the one seen in the Superman films (smart moves on both counts, to help draw in Superman fans from other mediums).

During their trip, several star systems are attacked by a “sun eater.” If you can’t figure out what a sun eater does, then I can’t help you. And guess whose job it is to stop it?

It is a simple story, but well told given the space constraints. What could have very easily been a wasted issue instead becomes a worthy addition to the legend, assuming any of it ever actually happened. Was this Jonathan’s 21st century equivalent of a “fish story”?

I’m reminded of a line from “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow,” my favorite Superman tale of all time: “This is an imaginary story. Aren’t they all?”

Story/Writing: 8 (out of 10)
Art: 8
Cover Art: 9
Overall Experience: 8