News from the frontier, 3/23/2007 (R2 critics, animated Superman, SW stamp)

Happy Friday! Here are a few news tidbits for your reading pleasure this morning.

Lucasfilm confirms Star Wars stamp
The official Star Wars site yesterday confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in history. The big announcement on March 28 will indeed be the unveiling of a Star Wars US postage stamp. As reported last week, Artoo Detoo mailboxes have been popping up around the US to promote the event. Which leads us into our next story. . . .

General public not happy with Artoo mailboxes
And by “general public,” I mean that small percentage of folks out there who aren’t Star Wars fans. I first noted some of the controversy last week. Here’s a piece from Nick Fawell’s article yesterday in The Herald News, a community publication of the Chicago Sun-Times.

[S]ome Naperville residents at the post office Tuesday didn’t find them appealing. “I think they ought to send it back,” Naperville resident Ann Aleccia said. “It has nothing to do with mail. … I think it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Brad Mortimer echoed Aleccia’s confusion on what “Star Wars” has to do with mail. “I’d be inclined to think it was doing something besides mail,” Mortimer said. “I’d walk right by it and put my mail in the (standard) blue bin.”

Can’t a droid get a little love?

The New Adventures of Superman coming to DVD
The exhaustive release of Superman material from the Warner Brothers vault continues on June 26 with the DVD release of The New Adventures of Superman. This was a 1966 animated series that featured the voices of Bud Collyer (Superman/Clark) and Joan Alexander (Lois Lane), who voiced the same characters on the Superman radio show of the 1940’s and the theatrical cartoons of the same era. All 36, six-minute episodes of season one are included. (Subsequent seasons renamed the series, pairing it with Aquaman and then Batman.)

Also set for release on DVD that day from Warner Home Video is 1977’s The New Adventures of Batman & Robin, also animated. This one includes the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward, who of course starred on the 1960s live-action series.