Prediction: “Star Wars” fans to whine soon (again)

Starting today, if you live in the US, you will be able to deposit your mail in officially sanctioned Artoo Detoo mailboxes around the country. No, this is not an early April Fool’s joke.

In an unprecedented marketing scheme, Lucasfilm has teamed up with the US Postal Service to promote a new web site. Official US Postal Service mailboxes in many areas have been transformed to look like the popular astromech droid.

The mailboxes promote, which promises a major announcement on March 28 about a collaborative project between the postal service and Lucasfilm.

I don’t think I’m going very far out on a limb here by saying to expect the announcement to include a Star Wars stamp or set of stamps. After all, entertainment stamps tend to be huge profit-makers for the postal service since collectors often save rather than use them.

A 1993 stamp featuring Elvis Presley remains the most popular US stamp of all time. Other popular entertainment stamps include last year’s DC Comics Superheroes set and various Walt Disney stamps.

* * *

That’s the end of the “news” story. Now for some editorial comments.

Since this will be a Star Wars announcement, I’m also going to use my renowned psychic abilities to predict the following for March 28 and the days/weeks that follow:

1) There will be initial elation to the news by Star Wars fans,
2) Someone will find something about the product of the announcement (again, presumably, stamps) that is not quite accurate or up to their own exacting standards and whine about it on the web,
3) A boycott will be organized, and
4) Another Star Wars moment will be ruined by “fans.”

I also predict some sort of more general public outcry over the Artoo mailboxes. Perhaps a Congressional investigation into whether or not taxpayer money went into the marketing gimmick and how the President is likely to blame.

I know, I know, I’m nearly as great as Carnac the Magnificent.

Primary Information Sources R2-D2 mailboxes coming to your galaxy Elvis remains the King of postage stamps