Battle Visitors in “V: The Second Generation”

The Visitors are back, but so is the Resistance. Coming this Fall is the hardcover novel V: The Second Generation, a sequel to the original V mini-series from 1983. Written by V creator Kenneth Johnson, V: The Second Generation is based on the script to a new V mini-series that Johnson is hoping to produce with Warner Brothers.

The four-hour V mini-series was followed by the six-hour V: The Final Battle in 1984 and the short-lived V: The Series. Johnson’s involvement on The Final Battle, however, was limited, and he was not part of the failed weekly series.

Johnson also created The Bionic Woman and the live-action, television version of The Incredible Hulk, among others. Season 2 of The Incredible Hulk is due out on DVD later this year.

Primary Information Source
Kenneth Johnson’s Official Site: V News