Johns: Ongoing “Action Comics” delays due to Kubert art

Geoff Johns posted Sunday on Newsarama that the ongoing delays in the Johns/Richard Donner “Last Son” storyline for Action Comics are due to Adam Kubert’s art and not the writing of the story itself.

“Adam Kubert is obviously taking much longer than anyone hoped. His work is beautiful, but it’s taking a long time,” said Johns. “For the record, it’s not me and Donner. It’s become a common assumption that ‘Hollywood’ writers are slow. Donner is not.”

Johns also revealed that Kubert will soon be replaced by another artist on Action. “We’re already working ahead of Adam with the next artist that’s going to take over Action Comics so we’re way ahead of the game.”

View Johns’ complete posting at Newsarama.

A quick editorial comment: Considering the unfinished, near-Crayola, look to Kubert’s work so far, I find it humorous that his art is what’s holding up the storyline. Kudos to TPTB at DC for deciding to go with a different artist for future storylines on this flagship title. Kubert’s stuff is not the worth the wait.

UPDATE: Newsarama today posted a new interview with Johns, discussing the delays. Johns also remarks that Eric Powell will take over art duties for Adam Kubert for the next Donner/Johns arc, “Escape From Bizarro World.” View the Newsarama interview with Geoff Johns.

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