“Star Trek: Remastered” coming to HD-DVD

CBS Home Entertainment announced last week that episodes of Star Trek: Remastered will debut on HD-DVD by the end of this year. One side of each of the combo discs will also be playable by standard DVD players. The first set will feature the complete first season of the original series.

Star Trek: Remastered began airing in syndication last year and features updated special effects and other enhancements to the original Star Trek series. Though each episode is also being converted to a High Definition format, no stations currently broadcast them that way.

Since the syndicated Remastered airs episodes out of sequence and from all three seasons, this is expected to further impact an already rushed production schedule.

HD-DVD and Blu-ray are competing High Definition disc formats hoping to replace standard DVDs. High Definition provide over twice the image resolution of standard television and DVDs, producing dramatically superior pictures. No Blu-ray release appears to be currently planned for Remastered.

Paramount has announced, however, that it will begin releasing the Star Trek films in both HD-DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

The HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats will allow Star Trek: Remastered and the Star Trek films to be seen in High Definition for the first time in wide release. High Definition downloads of Remastered have been the only available option thus far.

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