REVIEW: “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” DVD

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (DVD)
Starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, and Anna Faris
Written by Don Payne
Original music by Teddy Castellucci
Directed by Ivan Reitman

I’m willing to bet that most male comic book fans have, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to have a relationship with (an of-age) Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or various other superheroines. Few, however, have thought about the ramifications of angering this sort of girlfriend or, worse, trying to break up with her.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a fun examination of both sides of dating a superheroine: the fantasy indulgence and the nightmare breakup. Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) takes time out from lusting after his unavailable co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris) to date the seemingly mild-mannered Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman).

Jenny has a quirky habit of disappearing suddenly, and Matt begins to think she’s actually borderline neurotic. When she confesses (and proves) to him that she is actually the superheroine G-Girl, he chalks it all up to her leading a dual life.

You won’t find G-Girl in The DC Comics Encyclopedia, nor in whatever that other company calls its reference book, but she basically has the same powers as Supergirl. G-Girl saves people in burning buildings, crashing airplanes, and the like. All that typical superhero stuff.

Less of a parody and more of a superhero flick presented as a comedy rather than an action movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend was surprisingly good, often funny, and sometimes even hilarious.

Matt finds that G-Girl’s neurotic habits continue, including a strong jealous streak, so he decides to break the relationship off. When G-Girl says that he’ll regret breaking up with her, she means it.

She breaks a hole through his roof and hurls his car into orbit. And that’s just for starters.

At times, the movie lulls–seeming to have taken a great concept out for a spin without really knowing where to go with it. You’ll see the ending coming a mile away, but it does at least offer a Superman II style superwoman vs. superwoman battle in the streets and skies of Metropolis, er, New York City.

Bonus features include several deleted scenes, most featuring flashbacks of G-Girl’s origins, an extended scene, and a music video.

Movie: 8 (out of 10)
Video Quality: 10
Audio Quality: 10
Bonus Features: 7
Overall Experience: 8
Recommended: To fans of superhero films looking for lighter fare.