TVLand releases “Dreaming of Star Trek” and I whine a bit

TV Land, which added the original Star Trek to its nightly lineup in November, today released Dreaming of Star Trek, a seven-minute Web-only documentary, on the Star Trek section of their site.

View TV Land’s Star Trek section

Fair warning, the above is the end of the “news” piece. Since I do not think a seven-minute feature warrants an actual review, I will make my comments here. Besides, I think I am going to be short (for a change).

There is a good reason Dreaming of Star Trek is a Web-only feature. It should never be shown on television, nor should anyone ever watch it willingly. It is horrible. Which, sadly, may make it perfect for the Web.

Singing the original Star Trek theme (scratch that, any Trek theme) is a bad idea.

Singing the Trek theme as a member of a Klingon comedy troupe is a worse idea.

Watching (and hearing) a member of a Klingon comedy troupe singing the Trek theme is the worst idea ever.

I will have nightmares tonight. Thank you, TV Land.

Incidentally, the rest of TV Land’s Star Trek section could use some work. As I write this, today is December 22, 2006. The TV Land Star Trek site proudly states:

STAR TREK-The Original Series-joins the regular TV Land schedule beginning 11.20.2006. But first, get ready to boldly go where no man has gone before – with space-themed episodes of your favorite classic shows, featuring special guest appearances by the STAR TREK cast – all week long starting 11.13.2006.

Wake up, TV Land, you have had that content there for nearly two months now. I do not do this for a living. This is just my hobby in my spare time. However, I know for a fact that it would take you exactly 42 seconds to write a new sentence and publish it to the Web.

Has TV Land gone cold on Star Trek? Fan complaints on their message boards would seem to suggest that it has.

Apparently without any warning (unless you count this), the cable network recently moved Trek into a midnight time slot. Weeks of hype just to release a stale site, horrible documentaries, and top it off with midnight-only showings of Star Trek?

What happened to the TV Land I remember? What happened to… I know, I know, I promised I would not get long-winded. It is a bad habit.

Star Trek deserves better.