The Film Frontier rundown on “Superman Returns” US bonus items

Superman Returns hits store shelves on Tuesday and will be available in two widescreen DVD editions: a single-disc edition containing only the movie and a two-disc Special Edition with extras.

Below is a rundown of some of the in-store bonus items that United States retailers are making available with Superman Returns:

Best Buy: Exclusive Special Edition packaging plus free comic book (limited supply)
Circuit City: Exclusive Special Edition with Superman vs. Lex Luthor packaging plus The Science of Superman bonus DVD; free Superman Returns lithograph cell with purchase of single-disc edition (limited supply)
Target: Exclusive Special Edition with 3-D lenticular packaging plus two 1940 Superman radio shows (limited supply)
Wal-Mart: Justice League: Justice On Trial bonus DVD (animated) with purchase of single-disc edition (limited supply)

Note: Not all “bonus” items are free. Some stores may charge extra for them. In such cases, the DVDs are also available without the bonus items. Be sure to check your local ads or stores for details in your area.

Thanks to my wife for her assistance in researching these bonus items.