“Superman: Special Edition” DVD details

Among a massive amount of Superman titles being released to DVD on November 28 is a four-disc version of 1978’s Superman, the legendary and groundbreaking film directed by Richard Donner and starring Christopher Reeve.

Disc 1
Movie (1978 theatrical version)
Commentary by producer Pierre Spengler and executive producer Ilya Salkind
Theatrical trailers and TV spot

Disc 2
Movie (2001 director’s edition)
Commentary by Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz
Music-only audio track option

Disc 3
Restored scenes
Screen tests
Taking Flight: The Development of Superman documentary
Making Superman: Filming the Legend documentary
The Magic Behind the Cape documentary
Audio-only bonus: additional music cues

Disc 4
The Making of Superman: The Movie vintage TV special
Superman and the Mole-Men 1951 movie (first live-action, non-serialized Superman movie)
Fleischer Studios Superman 1941-1942 cartoons, volume one (first Superman movies)

Information Source: Amazon