“Star Trek: Remastered” replaces the “Enterprise”

TrekMovie.com reported today that the computer-generated Enterprise used thus far on Star Trek: Remastered will soon be replaced.

The first CGI version apparently took too long to render each shot, stealing valuable time from work on lighting and other fine-tuning of shots involving the starship. The new version is expected to resolve the issue.

In a sign of respect and dedication to the project, poor quality shots of the CGI Enterprise in Remastered episodes that have already aired are slated to be replaced by the production team.

“It is going to totally change the process, we are very excited about it,” said the upgrade’s producer, David Rossi. View the full interview at TrekMovie.com.

Next week’s episode is “Arena,” in which Kirk is forced to battle a Gorn to the death.

Episodes featuring the new CGI Enterprise will begin airing sometime in November.