Why Are There Clouds In Space?

Finally, there is news of a Superman video game that might actually be . . . good! Disappointing that it’s apparently not going to be released for PCs, though. I won’t be able to play it.

Even if it was a PC game, I probably still couldn’t play. Our computer has an Intel 82865 chipset. This is apparently code for “No game will ever work on your computer, you loser.” Even seemingly non-intensive games like Law & Order: Criminal Intent flail about helplessly.

Oh well, I’m really not much of a gamer these days anyway (obviously). I did manage to make the first Star Wars: Battlefront work a bit, despite the lack of “Transform & Lightning” capability on the graphics card. Not that I have any idea what that means, but the game complained about it every time I started to play.

I didn’t bother to press my luck by buying Battlefront II. Besides, the first one was, in the end, just a boring take on “Capture the Flag,” like Battlefield: 1942 and similar games. My favorite Star Wars PC game is still Dark Forces. Yeah, it was to Doom what Star Wars: Battlefront was to Battlefield: 1942, but it was never, ever boring. I loved Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight as well. I still have that around here, somewhere. Hey, I wonder if it would run on our PC. Probably not.

* * *

I have, however, managed to move into the 21st century (or at least the latter half of the 1990’s) as of today by finally upgrading to DSL from a dial-up connection. Wow, it’s a whole new Internet world out here to me! Finally, I get to see what all of this YouTube fuss is about.

I wonder if a funny Sonic commercial I saw the other day has been uploaded to YouTube yet. Doesn’t look like it. A guy and his wife are sipping shakes while leaving the drive through. The guy says something like, “I think I’ll write a blog about the experience of drinking this shake. My fans will want to know how good this is.”

His wife replies, “Your fans? You mean your mom?”

The guy answers, “She said she was going to get her neighbor to read it, too.”

“Oh, your mom and her neighbor,” she teases, like any good wife.

I wish I could find it, because I’m sure I’m horribly misquoting it. I thought it was hilarious because it’s so true!

* * *

So, William Shatner is getting into the game show hosting business. What’s next, a talk show? “Live with Bill & Lenny.” As long as he doesn’t shave his head and start talking like a mogwai, I guess we’re okay.

Shatner has been his usual busy self, it seems. I caught him on a DirecTV commercial last weekend. It mixed footage from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with some new footage of Shatner as Captain Kirk. The commercial is a nice reminder that Shatner is still more than capable of playing our favorite Captain. And wouldn’t you know it, this one is available on YouTube.

Chekov: “Shall we raise our shields, Captain?”
Kirk: “At ease, Mr. Chekov.” (to camera) “Again with the shields. I wish he’d just relax and enjoy the amazing picture clarity of the DirecTV HD we just hooked up. With what Starfleet just ponied up for this big screen TV, settling for cable would be illogical.”
Spock: (clears throat)
Kirk: “What? I can’t use that line?”

Wondering who that non-descript crewman sitting at the helm is? Well, I have no idea either, but he was digitally added to replace the Star Trek VI footage of Kim Cattrall’s Valeris character. Incidentally, it’s a good thing it’s never cloudy in space. Otherwise, that “amazing picture clarity” might be replaced with a “No signal” message.

While on vacation, we made a brief stop at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC. In a city so rich in history, there are overwhelming numbers of historical artifacts in this museum alone. It’s a lot to take in, and we didn’t even come close to covering it all.

Apollo Command ModuleOne of my favorite parts was seeing an actual Apollo command module. These were the crafts that carried astronauts to the moon from 1969 to 1972. The capsule seemed much smaller than I expected.

Lunar Lander
Much larger than I expected, though, was a test version of a lunar landing module. Large, yet fragile. It is truly amazing and humbling what the astronauts and NASA were able to accomplish.
American flag flying at the US Capitol buildingAfter the Air & Space Museum, we walked by the US Capitol building. It was an overcast day, but I still loved the way this photo in particular came out.

Well, though I now have DSL, don’t expect too many insane changes to the Film Frontier. One of my pet peeves as a dial-up user was websites that took three hours to load a single page.

I plan to keep the Film Frontier near or below its current load times in the foreseeable future.

Sadly, this means no video or radio broadcasts from me anytime soon.

You just don’t know what you’re missing.