REVIEW: “Miri” (“Star Trek: Remastered” edition)

Star Trek (Remastered): “Miri”
Remastered Episode #2 (9/17/2006)

As with “Balance of Terror,” there were a couple of good points about the upgrades to “Miri”: the Earthlike “Miri’s planet” looked beautiful from space; and they refined the vanishing of the blemishes from McCoy’s face after he injected himself with the vaccine.

Still, the overall effect continues to be diminished by the cartoon Enterprise. What a great opportunity here, and it is being wasted.

They also continue to restrain themselves by sticking to the feel of the original shots. Several returns from commercial breaks featured the Enterprise orbiting to the left of the planet and slowly approaching the camera–exactly as it did in the 1966 version.

Why not change things up a bit? Try some different angles that weren’t possible in 1966? I’m still left with the overall impression of, “Why bother?”

The HD conversion may be the answer to the above question, but I have not yet experienced this portion of the upgrade so I cannot comment on it.

Dramatic Content: 10 (out of 10)
Effects Upgrades: 4
Overall Experience: 8
Recommended: To casual Star Trek fans; to first-time viewers of the original Star Trek