See the Greedo subtitles on “Star Wars: Unaltered”

A quick note… I’ve noticed a lot of ongoing Web chatter about people not being able to fully see the subtitles translating Greedo’s lines when Star Wars: Unaltered is zoomed in to accommodate a widescreen television.

At first, I was not sure why my experience was so different than everyone else’s. I haven’t had this problem. Then I realized why.

I was actually using my DVD player’s zoom function rather than the one on my television. All of the subtitles were fine, even the two-liners.

Since the DVD player in this situation “knows” it is zoomed in, it appropriately moves the player-generated subtitles.

When using the TV’s zoom function, the DVD player would likely chop off the subtitles as others have reported since it has no idea what the TV does with the signal after the fact.

There are at least three potential solutions to the zoomed subtitles issue:

1.) Use your DVD player’s zoom rather than the one on your set. In my case, the DVD player’s zoom does a better job than the one on the set anyway. The opposite may be true for other people, though, so in that case, try solution 2.

2.) Don’t zoom the image. It looks better unzoomed anyway. Or, if you do insist on zooming the image with your TV’s zoom function, then don’t zoom in as far. There will still be some bar on the left and right side. You can train your eye to ignore these just as easily as the ones at the top and bottom. If this is not acceptable, then there is always the last resort.

3.) Learn Greedo’s language.