Michael J. Nelson takes on “Star Trek V”

Seven years after the untimely end of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Michael J. Nelson is still riffing on movies. First, he provided humorous commentary tracks for official DVD releases, like Plan 9 from Outer Space and House on Haunted Hill.

Now, he has unveiled a new site allowing him even more freedom to riff on just about any movie. RiffTrax provides downloads of Nelson’s movie-length commentaries for a reasonable fee.

Since listeners have to synchronize the riff audio on their own while watching a DVD they already own or have rented, gone is the restriction of having to obtain movie rights in order to riff.

This unrestricted riffing means that one of the most requested movies in MST3k history has now been riffed, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Joining Nelson on the track is fellow MST3k alum Kevin Murphy.

Notes the site, in an example of the fun listeners can expect from the Star Trek V riffs, “The Final Frontier sees a special guest appearance by the one character fit to take equal billing with William Shatner: God.”

Also available are rifftrax for Cocktail, Roadhouse, XXX, and The Fifth Element.

The Star Trek V rifftrax are available now at RiffTrax.