Film Frontier rounds up “Star Wars: Unaltered” bonus items

The “Unaltered” theatrical versions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi will be released for the first time on DVD September 12.

Rather than being released as a trilogy set, each movie is sold separately as its own 2-DVD set this time out. For each film, disc 1 contains the 2004 remastered/enhanced edition and disc 2 contains the original/unaltered theatrical version.

Below is a roundup of some of the in-store bonus items that retailers are making available with the new 2-DVD sets:

Best Buy: Exclusive metal case with purchase of all three 2-DVD sets (limited supply)
Circuit City: Collectible lithograph with each purchase of a 2-DVD set (limited supply)
Target: Exclusive, original concept art mini-poster in each DVD
Toys ‘R’ Us: Free $5 limited edition gift card with purchase of a 2-DVD set or Lego Star Wars II video game (one gift card per customer; limited supply)
Wal-Mart: Bonus graphic novel with each purchase of a 2-DVD set (limited supply)

Note: Not all “bonus” items are free. Some stores may charge extra for them. In such cases, the DVD sets are also available without the bonus items. Be sure to check your local ads or stores for details in your area.

Thanks to my wife for her assistance in researching these bonus items.