Paramount debuts remastered TOS preview video

Through the official site, Paramount released yesterday a preview trailer of sorts for the remastered Star Trek original series, which arrives in syndication later this month. The site also filled in some additional details about the enhancements.

Overseeing the restoration and enhancement of each of the 79 episodes are Mike Okuda (former TNG-era scenic art supervisor, technical consultant, and author), Denise Okuda (former TNG-era scenic artist, video supervisor, and author) and Dave Rossi (former TNG-era producer, production associate, and overseer of special projects).

Since the typical television viewing hour contains at least ten more minutes of commercials now than it did in 1966, one of the most-asked questions was whether or not the episodes would be trimmed.

“We are using the full-length episodes for our work. They will, however, be cut for syndication airing purposes,” was the group’s collective response.

As noted by’s editor, any future DVD, HD-DVD, or Blu-ray release would likely contain the uncut versions.

Visit to view the complete Q&A.

The remastered Star Trek begins September 16 with “Balance of Terror,” which will feature, among other effects enhancements, a CGI Romulan bird-of-prey.

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek.

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