Donner joins “Action Comics” writing staff

Richard Donner’s film vision of Superman inspired a generation. As director of 1978’s Superman, starring Christopher Reeve, he brought a mythical scale to the character and story that had never been achieved before. Outside of the comic books, Donner’s take on the Superman legend is the best known.

One member of that generation inspired by Donner’s work was Bryan Singer, writer/director of this year’s Superman Returns. For the most part, Singer used the Donner version to fill in the Superman Returns back story rather than relying heavily on the comic books or devising a completely new variation.

Now, in addition to his influence on Superman Returns, Donner will have the opportunity to directly inspire a whole new generation of Superman fans.

Donner announced yesterday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that he is joining the DC Comics writing staff for its Action Comics Superman title.

Superman made his first comic book appearance within the pages of Action #1 in June 1938. Donner’s first issue will be Action #844, October 2006.

Donner’s co-writer on his new venture will be Geoff Johns, who once interned for him. Johns wrote the recent DC Comics event Infinite Crisis, the sequel to 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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