“Star Trek Nemesis” loses battle for top spot

Once again, Star Trek is in a fight for its life and it lost a key battle over the weekend. According to final studio totals released yesterday, Maid in Manhattan was the top weekend movie in the US with $18.7 million. Star Trek  Nemesis opened in the number two spot with $18.5 million.

When the opening totals of past Trek movies are adjusted for inflation, this represents the weakest first weekend of the ten films. Nemesis also has the dubious dinstinction of being the only movie out of the ten Treks not to claim the number one spot for opening weekend.

Maid in Manhattan opened in 2,838 theaters and made an average of $6,593 per theater. Nemesis opened in 2,711 theaters and made an average of $6,828 per theater.

Nemesis actually edged out Maid in Manhattan for the per theater average, but that offered little consolation for fans of a franchise that some believe is on the verge of extinction.

With the opening of the second installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy this week, Nemesis may soon lose more ground in the battle for the box office.

Some have already pronounced Trek dead because of this news. To paraphrase Spock, Star Trek has been dead before.