Paramount releases DVD boxed set of all Trek movies

Paramount Pictures today released a boxed set in the United States containing all nine Trek movies in DVD format. The ten-disc set includes Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Director’s Edition, the last Trek film released on DVD and the first to contain extensive special features.

This version of the 1979 movie is a new edit of the film by original director Robert Wise. It includes restored scenes cut from the original version and several newly created special effects sequences—many of which feature a computer-generated version of the Enterprise.

The disc gives viewers the option of listening to audio commentary by the director and several others involved in the making of the film, a first for any Trek movie.

Scenes included in the original theatrical version of the film but trimmed from the new version are available on a special features disc. Scenes added in a 1983 expanded edition of the film for television but not included in the 2001 edition are also archived on the bonus disc.

Three documentaries, over a dozen vintage-1979 previews for the film and several other bonus features are also presented.

The other eight Trek movie DVD’s contain only a minimal amount of bonus material and no audio commentary, rousing much criticism from fans. All of the DVD’s in the boxed set are also available separately.

According to the Associated Press, Paramount is next considering a special edition of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan which celebrates its twentieth anniversary next June.